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"When I started to work with Sachin, my goal was to increase the productivity of every element of my life. As a full-time GP and mother of two I was already busy enough, but having recently embraced the additional challenge of setting up an exciting new online business, I sometimes felt I'd bitten off more than I could chew. Still, I sensed I had the capacity and energy to pull it off successfully if I had the right guidance and coaching. Sachin has provided this, and more. A committed mentor, with that uncanny ability to help you find the answers you already knew but hadn't articulated to yourself, his influence is profound and sustained. The biggest difference I've noticed in my life is an improved ability to get the most out of every moment of my day, whether at home, at work, or at play. I couldn't recommend working with Sachin highly enough."
- Dr Aifric Boylan
"Sachin is tremendous.

His deep knowledge of the Medicare primary care system in Australia and his systematic approach have helped me enormously in structuring high quality care for my patients, ensuring that I'm providing both a better standard of service and also boosting the profitability and success of my business.

If you feel that your general medical or dental practice needs a reboot, I'd strongly recommend engaging with Sachin and following the approach he suggests: This has been one of the most valuable activities I have engaged in over the last twelve months and I always learn something new from any conversation with Sachin."
- Dr Jagdeesh Singh Dhaliwal
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