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My Story
This is the story of how I came to do this.
I was born and raised in the UK.
I am very fortunate to have extremely supportive parents. Whilst we grew up, all their resources were directed at ensuring my two sisters and I had the best possible education and opportunities. Despite their own difficult financial position, they used all of their resourcefulness for our benefit. I always wanted to be able to take care of them later in life. Despite not knowing how I would achieve this, I am now able to happily say this is done - I was even able to buy them a house!
Growing up and in young adulthood, our family certainly faced our share of financial difficulties. I remember feeling terrible fear. I will be forever grateful to those in our family who helped us during those tough times. I learnt the importance of focusing on my outcome (in this case my exams) and pushing forward with action to breakthrough the adversity. It was that terrible fear that I used to drive me forward.
I’d been in Australia for about 18 months and was working as a GP. I was doing very well. After lots of soul-searching, my wife and I decided to make Australia home. It seemed only natural at this point to consider starting my own business. A colleague of mine also wanted to start a business, so we became business partners. It was early 2010. We anticipated opening a general practice in mid-2011.
Believe it or not we were open in July 2010. We never looked back. I firmly believe that life happens for us, not to us. We were so excited and motivated. We worked SO hard; averaging 90 hours a week.
By mid-2014 business had grown exponentially. We had a team of over 50. I was still working as a full-time GP in addition to all the business leadership demands as owner of the practice. I was caught up in the urgent demands of my businesses and did not have the perspective to shift from being a business operator to a business owner. I struggled to be present with my family when I was with them, my mind thinking and ruminating about work or other distractions.
Again, life had a surprise in store for me. My dear cousin, Raj, who was a big brother to me, died. I decided things had to change. That involved a combination of physical, psychological, and business change. I came to the realisation that I had to be a business owner rather than an operator. Yes I was afraid, but with the right coaching, I managed to push through those fears. Once the decision was made, it was interesting how quickly everything happened--literally within eight weeks!
As I write this today, I have now created a life where I have freedom of time and place. I’m no longer reliant on trading my time for money. And having studied, experienced and executed the tools required to achieve this, I’ve now made it my mission to help other doctors to create the life that they want whilst having deep impact on patients and the wider community.
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